Message from the CEO:

I am delighted to announce that, Ms Hannah Sung, currently Head of Elementary, has been promoted to the role of Vice Principal with Ministry approval.

Hannah has worked so hard to improve KG, then stabilise Elementary and we all appreciate the hard work, dedication and professionalism she shows at all times.

Hannah will continue to work closely with our CEO, heads of section, heads of department and coordinators and GLLs to ensure every students experience amazing learning, loves school and makes great process.

Those parents who already know Ms. Hannah will be aware that she always puts students first and never compromises on the provision of quality education at Diyar.

Thank you to all of our parents who offer such a positive partnership with the school to the benefit of our children. In this continued challenging time this partnership is crucial to ensure our students’ success and wellbeing.

It is important to recognise at this time that the team work and collaboration Diyar is known for, is crucial to our continuing stability and improvement and I know that our parents, heads of department and individual teachers will support Hannah as ever, in her new role.

Congratulations Hannah!

Hannah Sung
M.S. Ed (University of Pennsylvania)

Hannah’s Brief Biography

Hannah Sung exemplifies positive, professional leadership that makes a difference in the lives of the students and the staff. She has a wide range of leadership experience as the Head of Early Years, Head of Elementary and the School Principal. She is entirely focused on student success and makes the best possible student focused decisions. She has led the implementation for new programs and best practices for learning and teaching in various schools in South Korea, the United States, and the UAE. Before joining Diyar, her previous school moved up to Good and Very Good in 52 areas for two years of KHDA inspection and she was highly recognized by the inspection team for her effective leadership as the Head of Early Years. She always builds positive relationships with all stakeholders and makes everyone around her ‘better’ as she also continues to be a lifelong learner.