In the name of God, Most compassionate, Most merciful

Education, in all aspects has been the most important phenomenon in all stages of society, progress, prosperity and development. A person who is educationally awakened knows what’s best, knows the difference between right and wrong and that’s when one is known as being educated. We live in a society which is ever progressing, growing and developing. For survival one’s reputation and social image is dependent largely on Education. An educated person will always stand out in “thought”, “action” and “deed”.

There is often a comparison made between education and wisdom. “An educated person has wisdom and knowledge”. Wisdom is to know what is correct and knowledge is to reason it. Wisdom acts as a stepping stone during a person’s growth. All of this can be taught by various entities (school, parents, and personal experience).The urge to learn is what is important”. We at Diyar Private Academy strive towards urging and encouraging our students to do and be the best that they can !

We continue to build our world class education system, delivering 21st century learning through the vision of “ Great Generation, Prominent Culture”, hence, inspiring education. This vision identifies the a successful “DIPS “student- an engaged thinker who is cultured, ethical and entrepreneurial which foundation for how to promote values in our youth and the learning community.

At Diyar Private Academy, our goal is to prepare students so they have knowledge to succeed and skills and competencies demanded of their future world. Our classrooms at DIPS are set up to invoke critical thinking where solutions are often found by the student, together with the teacher. This is all part of developing life skills in students especially in our digital age where there is an abundance of education of information readily available – “often in the palm of one’s hand”.

For Inspiring Education, “Great Generation, Prominent Culture” – we need to move beyond a vision and into reality. We all need to take an active role to be successful and developmental in education. With an integrated and International American curriculum (Common Core Standards), world recognized publishers ( Pearson’s, McGraw-Hill ), professional and qualified teachers from across the globe, a vibrant and cosmopolitan culture and a variety of activities and events, Diyar Private Academy encompasses the needs of a holistic individual in an interactive learning environment.

Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Bin Saleh Al Sharqi

Chairman of Emirates Educational Services