At Diyar Private Academy, American common core curriculum standards are followed for all subjects taught in English throughout our school, in addition we deliver the MOE curriculum for Arabic Language, Islamic Studies, Social Studies and Moral Education all of which are taught in Arabic.

To facilitate learning, we place great emphasis on individualized support, student learning styles and differentiation in lessons. This approach allows our students to fulfill their potential, which increases when they are supported by dedicated and highly qualified teachers in an inclusive school community.

Our instructional objectives are clearly defined in all subject areas, but academic expectations are flexible enough to both support and challenge each individual learner. Lessons are student focused and provide students with opportunities to develop their critical-thinking skills and innovative problem-solving skills and as a result become life-long learners.

Apart from academic excellence, numerous and varied opportunities to engage in creative or sporting activities as well as taking on social responsibility in community projects play an important part in the development of our students here at Diyar Private Academy.

Middle School: Grade 6 – 8

Middle school is a turning point for any given student. Here at our school, students are able to reflect and recommit to their journey by looking back at how far they have come, what they have accomplished and make the necessary changes and adjustment to further develop their knowledge and understanding to better themselves for the future.

Our school provides our students with the opportunity to figure who they are, what their passion is and pursue their dreams by applying the necessary skills while adhering to their Islamic values.

Our middle school is organized to support our students with our school values and engage them in our rich educational program. The core subjects in our program include English, Mathematics, Sciences, Social Studies, Arts, Information Technology, Physical Education, and Moral Education, Arabic Language for native and non-native speakers and Islamic Education for Muslim students.

High School: Grade 9 – 12

In this phase, our students at Diyar International Private School are critical thinkers working towards their dreams. The high school at Diyar is a dynamic and stimulating learning environment that challenges and inspires our students to reach their full potential.

We provide a rigorous program that provides a variety of course offerings, which prepare our students for the different career paths of their choice after high school. Our program focuses on developing, not only the academic skills, but also their interpersonal and intrapersonal skills enabling them to become 21st century citizens. The core subjects we offer at our high school program include English, Math, Science, Computer Literacy, Arts, Physical Education, Moral Education, Social Studies, Arabic Language for native and non-native speakers and Islamic Education for Muslim students. In addition, there are a wide variety of elective offerings, which includes career pathways in Business, Science/Math, Arts, Language, Computer Science, and STEAM allowing for a well-rounded education.

At Diyar International Private School, we aim at producing educated global members that will lead the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.