Arrival and Departure

Students should arrive to school by 7:40am so that they are ready to attend assembly at 7:45am. The first lesson starts at 7:50am. For student safety please do not bring your child to school before 7:25 AM as there will not be supervision. It is very important for students to arrive to school on time so that they may learn the entire curriculum; it can also be very disruptive if students arrive to class late. The same applies to leaving early. Students miss learning when they are not here. Please ensure they are here on time and remain in school all day each day. All early departure or late arrival students must go to attendance clerk.

The school day ends at 2:15pm and car students must be picked up by 2:30pm. On Club or Activity days, students must be picked up by 3:15 PM

Non-bus students please note: The school does not provide after school care or transportation and it is the parent’s responsibility to pick up their child on time.


Each bus has a school bus attendant who supervises, ensures student safety and communicates with parents. If a student is sick or if a parent wishes to change the school bus, please contact the bus attendant AND bus supervisor first thing in the morning.

When there are any remarks regarding bus transportation, please contact the school administration and bus supervisor.

Please note: Any students with repeat discipline problems on the school bus, the school administration may remove him/her from the bus for some time.