Commitment to the school dress code throughout the entire school days.

KG Girls

Green frock with the school logo in the upper part
closed toe shoes


Beige or off- white color shirt with the school logo (can be short or long sleeves)
Green trousers
Closed toe shoes


Green pinafore with a logo in the upper part
Beige or off- white color -shirt with the school logo (long sleeves)
Grade 6-12 girls green skirts
Closed toe shoes

Sports uniforms for all stages

Sports uniform to be worn during PE classes as per the timetable.

Gray T-shirt with green sleeves with the school logo and sporty trousers in
green color with gray lines on both sides
Sports shoes
No jeans or leggings are allowed in PE classes or at sports events
Bring a water bottle to PE classes and sports events to stay hydrated
  • The school uniform is available in all sizes.
  • Students should not wear jewelry and other accessories to school or school events.